"I crave energy salt all day! No joke. I drink it in my water every morning. Eggs for breakfast. Meat for supper. I drink it in my water before bed."
"Just want to thank you for everything you did to provide us with a nice lunch yesterday. The food was fantastic! Everyone loved it. The gentleman you sent over yesterday morning to help set up everything did an excellent job. Thank you with all my heart for the amazing food, service you provide to our Department.  The entire event was a success!!"
- University of Pittsburgh
"The food speaks for itself. After we had our first tasting, we knew that Sausalido was the group we wanted to use. Nick is a very straightforward and forthcoming guy and he will offer you an honest price, excellent service, and excellent food. The staff was amazing and incredibly professional, and the setup of our apps and dinner was just beautiful. We chose the gourmet grazing option (buffet) for dinner, and asked Nick and his team to plate the salads last minute, which they were incredibly accommodating with. We loved our experience!"
- Wedding Client
 Sausalido Premier Catering
"Sausalido catered for a work event and the food was phenomenal! Delivery was on time, the quality of food was amazing, and we had so much leftover. 5 stars across the board!"
- Corporate client
"Came from out of town to tailgate at the Pitt/Louisville game. Called Chef Nick and his team at Saisalido and ordered the Pittsburgh Tailgate option. The food was absolutely delicious. We had very little left overs and there was enough food to feed more than we ordered for. Chef Nick and his team were so helpful, polite and friendly. We ordered only a few days in advance and they were able to accommodate and exceed expectations! Thanks Chef Nick! Ps. I would add pictures but the food went way too fast!"
- Tailgate Party
Sausalido Premier Catering
"The Chef has an impeccable reputation for serving almost anywhere, almost anytime, almost anything, but especially only the highest quality. He buys his own, fresh and local, and prepares, cooks, and delivers with pride and honor. From food lineage, Chef Nick will not disappoint."
house party

“Consistently excellent catering! They are courteous, deliver including needed plates/utensils, and the food is delicious! Wonderful presentation as well”
- Megan Z.

“The only reason I came into work today is because I heard Sausalido was catering our lunch, otherwise I’d already be in Florida on vacation.”
- Anonymous

“We use Sausalido for catered lunches frequently, and are always SO pleased! The pasta salad is an over whelming favorite, but everything is delicious. They deliver on time (often early), and provide utensils, plates, spoons, etc. They even leave an extra treat as a thank you for the order. As a neighboring business in Lawrenceville, we highly recommend Sausalido!“
- Rebecca R.

“Great place. Lively atmosphere, friendly and engaging staff, excellent food. Did I mention excellent food? We can't wait to go back. Don't hesitate when you're not sure of where to go. Our night was perfect from A-Z and the Sausalido gang made it that way! Well done.”
- Bill R.

“I just wanted to send a formal thank you to you. You have been such an incredible help throughout this entire process, but ESPECIALLY day of. Thank you so, so much - seriously from the bottom of my heart. I know that you and your team were the reason that everything looked as beautiful as it did and ran as smoothly as it did amongst all of the chaos. I appreciate you more than I could ever put into words.
- Anonymous
Sausalido Premier Catering

“Went to a holiday party last night with food catered by Sausalido and I was very impressed. I believe there were 8 different small plate type dishes served and all were great. In particular, I really enjoyed the white truffled deviled eggs, Rosie's stuffed meatballs, and the beef skewers. Everything else was not far behind though. I would really recommend them to anyone looking for some more gourmet type catering and I really look forward to trying more from them at future events!”
- Kevin C.

“Sausalido catered my fiance's Christmas party. There were many appetizers including credit, sausage, and shrimp. We also enjoyed the meat carving station, a pasta and risotto station, and several sides with different salads. Everything was warm and delicious. Excellent pick! I hope the company goes with them for their next event too.”
- Martine A.