Chef Nick's Mantras

A collection of our favorite quotes from Chef Nick:

Here at Sausalido we…

“Commit to the commitment”

“Practice what we preach, but like practicing more than preaching”

“Create ‘Raving Food Fans’”

“Work like it’s our first day on the job, like it’s our last day on Earth”

“You love our product today and will like it more tomorrow, because we strive to get better daily”

“It’s our job to make you look good”

“Sausalido Style”

“16 years in and we are just getting started”


And a few more…

“Sausalido… on and upward”

“Life will pass you by, that’s a fact! You can either spend your time living in it or thinking about it.”

“You need to save time to make time, to make time you need to save time… if you figure out both you just created yourself more time.”

“We don’t take ourselves serious…but we take what we do extremely serious.”

“Work like it’s our first day on the job, live like it’s our last day on Earth.”

“Finish races faster then most people start them.”

“The good thing about time is it always tells.”

“No one ever said a storm was going to be a breeze.”

“If you give your best daily…then you will always improve…and your potential is infinite.”

“Learn from the past…Live in the present….Focus on the future.”

“Life’s secret ingredient is sugar. It helps keep it sweet.”

“Perception is powerful…Keep it Positive.”

“The old hard is the new easy if you work for it.”